Destiny 2 Season 10: Trials of Osiris details confirmed ahead of Season of Worthy

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Destiny 2 Season 10 now has a confirmed name – Season of the Worthy, and we now know for sure that Trials of Osiris will be returning.

The news comes after players hit a donation milestone in the current season, and players will no doubt be looking to "go Flawless" in order to get the game's best loot. 

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Here's everything we know about the 3 vs 3 mode with no respawns and big rewards.

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Everything We Know About The Return of Trials Of Osiris

The original Trials Of Osiris armour will be featured again

Check out the image below for the new/old gear for each class. Those glowing parts will be triggered if you go Flawless, which is reaching nine wins in a row.

Trials of Osiris will offer up unique weaponry

As far as we can tell, multiple weapons in the new trailer have similar branding to the Trials of Osiris armour, presumably as rewards. Expect it to be deadly in PVP.

Trials Of Osiris will only be available at weekends

Just as with Destiny 1's version of the mode, Trials will be a weekend-only event which kicks off on Friday and presumably finishes on Monday.

Saint-14 will be the mode's announcer

The famous Titan will be cheering you on as you do battle.


Old Maps are Returning

Cauldron, Exodus Blue and Anomaly are returning from the first game for Trials, and potentially for other modes.

Power Level is Enabled

Better get grinding, as your power level will determine how much damage you can take as well as how much you can dish out.

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