Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen Stasis Aspect Guide: How To Unlock Third Subclass Aspect

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Season of the Chosen is here, and it introduces another Aspect for Guardians to collect.

These were introduced as part of the Beyond Light expansion and essentially allow you to tweak your Stasis subclass – the new element that was added in the expansion.

To unlock it, you'll need to complete two steps, and one minor third one. Here's how.

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Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen Stasis Aspect Guide: How To Unlock Third Subclass Aspect

To pick up the quest, head to Europa and chat to the Exo Stranger who will send you on your way.

You'll need to have finished the Beyond Light campaign.

Destroy Entropic Shards in the Well of Infinitude

Step one is relatively straightforward, although the game doesn't make it too easy because of the way the map is presented.

Essentially you just need to equip your Salvation's Grip Grenade launcher and destroy some Entropic Shards in the Well of Infinitude.

To get there, go to Asterion Abyss and head through the eastern tunnel towards the Glassway strike.

Head to the right, and keep pushing through and you'll eventually reach the Well of Infinitude. Blow up the shards, kill a bunch of Vex, and then move onto the next step.

Complete a Heroic Exo Challenge

Definitely one for a Fireteam, or a solo player with a higher Power Level, you'll need to take on a Heroic Exo challenge for this step.

You'll be battling off waves of Vex, but the real kicker is the inclusion of Overload Champions. Be sure to check out our guide to dealing with those here.

Once you do complete it, the final step is easy.


Visit the Ziggurat in Beyond

Simply head back to the Exo Stranger, hop on your Sparrow and head to the monolithic Ziggurat.

Interact with it, and you'll be able to equip a new Aspect to your Stasis subclass.

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