Destiny 2's Season of the Chosen Looks Great, But One Issue Remains

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Season of the Chosen has finally been named, and we also have a trailer that shows off what's coming when it drops next week.

There's a new activity (Battlegrounds) that's only vaguely referenced in the press release, it's got a new exotic, and above all else, there are not only two older strikes returning, but an entirely new one.


Short of bringing back Sparrow Racing League, this is much more than I was expecting.

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Destiny 2's Season of the Chosen Looks Great, But One Issue Remains

Let's get the basics out of the way first – yes, Iron Banner will be back (and it's currently ongoing right now), Trials will have new armour, and yes, the Guardian Games are back (although if I'm being honest, it didn't do much for me last time).


The Battlegrounds are sure to be popular, with four opening up across the season. These are matchmade three-player PvE activities, and I'm hoping they offer a bit more excitement than Wrathborn Hunts, which were dull as dishwater after you'd checked off each one. It looks as though they'll be anchored by a system called H.E.L.M, but we'll find out more soon.

New Stasis Aspects are also exciting – I've grown to love my crazy ice powers, and being able to customise them further has been great fun.

The big draw for me personally is the Strikes. I wrote previously about the way Bungie had culled Strikes, and how for a primarily PvE player that doesn't want to round up six players to go raiding, I was growing fed up of running The Glassway regularly.

While we knew that Devil's Lair and Fallen S.A.B.E.R were returning, a new Strike is a very pleasant surprise. Interestingly, it'll be available for season pass holders a week early, before being added to the rotation on March 30 – when it also becomes the Nightfall.


Still, despite all of this, there's a "but" at the back of my mind. Yes, friends, I'm talking once again about sunsetting.

After decimating the loot pool with Beyond Light, Season 13 will remove dozens of weapons yet again, while adding in six. SIX.

I get that these have to be balanced, and I'm all for playing Destiny 2 for enjoyment, but given how repetitious it can be (even with fresh Strikes), it seems bizarre that Bungie is keeping tight-lipped about the one thing we're all desperately waiting to hear about.

Sure, it could be discussed in this week's blog post, but it really feels like the announcement of a new season would've been a great time to say "hey, we hear you, and here's what we're doing to change things".


I'm sick of writing about sunsetting, and I'm sure you're sick of having to vault or dismantle weapons and gear you've earned. While I don't think Bungie will just undo the power cap going forward, I hope they at least consider it for armour.

For now, I'm looking forward to facing off against Empress Caiatl, but I really hope Bungie addresses the other elephant in the room as soon as possible.