Bungie Outlines Destiny 2 Season 16 Changes

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Destiny 2 Season 16 is making some long-awaited changes to Artifacts and more, Bungie announced in a new blog post. The new season arrives February 22 alongside the Witch Queen expansion and makes working towards Orbs much easier.

Starting in Season 16, Bungie is removing limits on how many Artifact mods you can unlock each season. You’ll be able to unlock all 25 mods before the season’s end now, but it comes with an increased experience cost. The amount of experience required for unlocking mods stays the same as Season 15 until you hit the 13th mod. From then on, every mod costs increasingly more experience.

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Bungie Outlines Destiny 2 Season 16 Changes

However, Bungie said you’ll still be able to reset Artifacts as usual, so you’re not locked in, whatever you choose to do. Classic Artifact mods, such as the Anti-Barrier Scout Rifle, are making a return, along with some Artifacts to help ease you into using the new Glaive weapon archetype.

Another change involves reducing the cost of changing Masterworked armor. You’ll be able to change the energy type of fully Masterworked Legendary armor for 10,000 Glimmer and an Upgrade Module, and Exotic Masterworked Armor for 20,000 Glimmer and one Upgrade Module.

Finally, after much pondering, Bungie is overhauling how you earn Orbs of Power. Instead of using catalysts or grinding weapons, you’ll earn Orbs through a set of helmet mods that unlock automatically for everyone. Every mod applies the effect to each weapon of a particular damage type that you own, and you no longer have to use Exotics to get them.

Bungie also reiterated what we reported on before: the (rather excellent) 30th anniversary content, including the Halo-inspired weapons and Dares of Eternity, is staying around - at least during the Witch Queen season. Nothing was said about how long it’ll stick around after that, though.

Meanwhile, check out the latest Witch Queen trailer highlighting Savathun's Throne World, but be aware it includes minor spoilers for what to expect in the new expansion.