Destiny 2 Season 14 Will Apparently Be Called "Season of the Splicer" - Rumour

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Destiny 2's next season, Season 14, is kicking off next month, and a new leak seems to have poured cold water on suggestions it'll be called Season of the Collective.

Twitter user @joshhunt is 'fairly confident' in the new season being dubbed 'Season of the Splicer', based on references to that name found within Bungie's own website.

Destiny 2 Season 14 Will Apparently Be Called "Season of the Splicer" - Rumour

Check out the Tweet below:

This actually ties in with a previously leaked voice line from Crow that longtime dataminer Ginsor shared back in February:

"Splicers working with Guardians, Eliksni in the City... Things really are changing."

As for what those Splicers are, it seems Bungie may be finally looking to introduce SIVA into the Destiny 2 world.

A powerful technology that ran amok in the Rise of Iron expansion for the first game, SIVA has been requested by fans as part of the #SeasonOfThePlague campaign on Twitter.

Bungie has also been sneaking SIVA-themed ornaments into the game, too, so there's every chance we'll be battling those red tendrils again next month.


Of course, it could also be a placeholder title, or an intentional red herring.

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