Destiny 2 Season 13 Will Likely Be Called "Season Of The Chosen", And Here's Why

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Destiny 2's Season 13 is launching in just a few weeks, and will kick off the next chapter of the loot-shooter following the current Season of the Hunt.

Now, it appears that the season's name has finally emerged.


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Destiny 2: Leak Reveals Destiny 1 Tower Making A Comeback

Lore maestro MyNameIsByf shared what looks like a sigil of sorts for the new season – the kind that Destiny uses to identify which season gear is from.

Wonder what this could be...
— My name is Byf (Lore Daddy) (@MyNameIsByf)
January 14, 2021

It looks suspiciously like the Traveler perched between the two spires of the Destiny 1 Tower – lending yet more credence to the original social space making a return.


The Traveler "chooses" Guardians, and rumours have suggested that Season 13 will be dubbed "Season of the Chosen" ever since longtime dataminer @GinsorKR revealed as much back in December.

Could it be that Destiny's next season will continue the story of Crow? He was "Chosen" by the Traveler following the events of Forsaken, and was "Chosen" by our Guardian when defeating the High Celebrant in Season of the Hunt.

This news, coupled with the video below from The Phoenix, suggests we'll be taking Crow to meet the gang at The Tower, particularly Zavala – despite the fact that he previously killed everyone's favourite Exo, Cayde-6.


One thing is for sure, though – for the first time in a while, there's a genuine plot thread likely to keep me coming back to Destiny 2.