Destiny 2 Season 11: New Content We Want To See In The Next Season Of Bungie's Loot-Shooter

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Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy marks the loot-shooter sequel's tenth season since it launched, but it would be fair to say that the community hasn't warmed to this new cadence of content releases.

With seasonal content focusing on "be there or miss out" style quests, Bungie has committed to changing how this works in the coming months – but what else would we like to see? Here's our wishlist for Season 11 and beyond.

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Destiny 2: Season 11 Wishlist

Meaningful Activities

While Season of the Worthy did finally bring back Trials of Osiris, the rest of the content on offer feels half-baked – particularly if you're not interested in high-level PvP content.

Trials of Osiris doesn't speak to everybody, but in terms of PvE, we've had public event grinding to power up Rasputin and the disappointing Guardian Games. We're also months into the season at this point, and have no idea what the Warmind wants – despite the conflict between the AI and Osiris being teased before the season had even begun.

We want activities that offer more, either by offering gameplay variety (there's only so many times we can keep replaying variations of "kill enemies, collect an item, throw item" as we've been doing since 2019's Black Armory) or something that adds to Destiny's deep, but still criminally underserved, lore base.

Tell Us A Story

Speaking of the game's story, the Shadowkeep expansion from October last year teased some interesting narrative consequences for the Destiny universe at its conclusion and tied into the plotline that had been building since Forsaken the year before.

Since then, we've had multiple seasons with no real payoff. While we understand that big story revelations are likely to remain in the domain of the game's larger, paid expansions, we can't help but feel somewhat disappointed that each of these seasons feels like a spin-off B-plot.

Narrative Dissonance

Yes, we're still harping on the game's story, but Season 10's tale of The Almighty being on a collision course to Earth is a great example of Bungie potentially preparing to change the state of the game.

The trouble is that it's taken months. This is the kind of event that could be an epic starting point for a new season that deals with the fallout of the Almighty falling, but instead, we're almost waiting for it to drop out of the sky.

Community Quests Should Not Feel Like Time-Gated Content

If there's one thing that the Felwinter's Lie exotic quest as shown us, it's that Bungie's quest design needs a rethink. The community might be sizeable and dedicated, but tasking them with grinding NINE MILLION collective public event clears just feels like it may as well be a time-gated piece of content – and that's not including the glitches that prevented players from completing it.

It also puts the other seasonal quest lines in the firing line by association. So many of Destiny's quests have involved replaying older content with increasingly obtuse requirements or relying on bounties, and that's been a problem for years now.

Bungie, there are more rewarding ways to get players to log in – you know it, and we know it, and I don't doubt many players are feeling deflated by the current state of quest design.

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