Season Of The Worthy COUNTDOWN LIVE: News, Updates, Leaks And Rumours For Season Of The Worth on PS4, Xbox One And PC

Destiny 2 will be entering Season 10 on the 10th March - that's just 1 day away!

We're counting down the days until release and we'll be covering all of the updates, news, rumours, and leaks until then. We now finally have confirmation that the season is called Season of the Worthy, and have some details about some changes coming.

We now know that Trials of Osiris will be returning, but could we see the Prison of Elders too?

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Season of the Worthy Patch Notes and Final Release - 10th March 16:45 GMT

It's finally time to jump into Season of the Worthy, and that means patch notes are here.

We've put the extensive patch notes here, and it looks as though loading into the Tower will be quicker once the patch has been applied. You can keep your Trials of Osiris, that's all we wanted.

Uldren Returning In Season Of The Worthy - 9th March 10:00 GMT

There is a growing theory that Destiny might finally bring back Uldren Sov as a character in Season of the Worthy.

Uldren, brother of the Queen, was not the nicest guy during the original game's campaign.

Uldren fought in the big space battle against Oryx’s Dreadnaught and was shot down, his ship crashing on Mars ahead of The Taken King.

In the lore for a Dawning ship this past season, there’s a lengthy passage about Uldren hiding out in Old Russia.

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Latest Xur Location - 8th March 12:05 GMT


This week, Xur is offering the Prometheus Lens weapon, Lucky Pants for Hunters, Helm of Saint-14 for Titans, and Apotheosis Veil for Warlocks.

Season 11 - Season of Redemption? - 7th March 16:00 GMT

Many believe that the next season is called "Season of Redemption and will feature Uldren as the focal point in the story.

Plenty of Guardians a few months ago believed that Season 10 would be the "Season of Redemption", but that has yet to transpire.

Whatever the case, Season of the Dawn is coming to an end, so before it's over grab your Timelost Weapons, run the Sundial, and complete your Savior title.

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Season Of The Worthy Delayed? - 6th March 10:25 GMT

The coronavirus is playing havoc on the world and it's being felt in gaming - does that means it will affect Season of the Worthy?

No, it won't! Bungie employees are shifting to remote work in response to cases appearing near their Seattle headquarters - so the new season is still on schedule.

In a blog post they wrote:

"While there is a possibility that this change could affect our patching cadence in the short term, we will be sure to keep players informed about those schedules as much as possible."

"Most immediately, we will still be launching Season of the Worthy on March 10, followed by the start of Trials of Osiris on March 13."

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Community Re-Builds Lighthouse - 5th March 13:05 GMT

Over the past few weeks, the Destiny community came together and rebuilt the Lighthouse on Mercury!

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Loot Boxes Removed - 4th March 14:00 GMT

Bungie will soon remove Bright Engrams almost entirely from Destiny 2.

Bright Engrams are essentially Destiny 2‘s loot boxes, mostly purchased with real money, and contain an assortment of cosmetic items.

Game Directors Luke Smith said "We want players to know what something costs before they buy it. Bright Engrams don’t live up to that principle so we will no longer be selling them on the Eververse Store.”

Bright Engrams are not entirely going away, however, as they will be limited to the free track of the game’s Season Pass (Battle Pass) - this change will take place in Season 10.

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Roadmap Leaked? - 17:45 GMT

We don't have any official confirmation from Bungie, but it looks as though the Season of the Worthy roadmap has leaked early. Check it out below.

New Trailer - 16:55 GMT

A new trailer has dropped for Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy

Start Date And Times - 3rd March 10:45 GMT

Season 10 will kick off on March 10th, and that weekend will see the return of Trials Of Osiris.

It's likely there will downtime from about 4 pm GMT/ 8 am PT/ 11 am ET for the update and it’ll go live at about 6 pm GMT/ 10 am PT/ 1 pm ET.

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Subclass Changes Incoming - 2nd March, 13:15 GMT

Whether you're a Titan, Warlock, or Hunter, there are some major changes coming to each with the slated Subclass changes coming with Season of the Worthy. Here's all we know so far.

What Is Rasputin's Role? - 2nd March 11:05 GMT

Gamerant has suggested that Rasputin is walking the line between the darkness and the light, and he must prove himself worthy with the help of the player in order to keep the trust of the guardians.

This possibility is relatively obvious as the leaked name of the season is Season of the Worthy.

Everything we know about the return of 'Trials of Osiris' - 1st March, 18:00 GMT

We know that Trials of Osiris has been confirmed to return, is there anything we should know? Click here for everything we know about Trials of Osiris this time around.

Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy Leaks - 29th February, 16:00 GMT

Whilst you're waiting for Season 10, be sure to check out all of the latest leaks for Season of the Worthy.

Big Changes to Seasonal Artifact and Xur Returns - 28th February, 13:30 GMT

Luke Smith, Game Director on Destiny 2, has another update for how PVP modes with power levels enabled will be affected by the Seasonal Artifact that was introduced in Shadowkeep.

This Artifact can boost players' power level once they've upgraded it throughout the season, and many were worried it would give players too much help when jumping into Trials of Osiris.

Thankfully, Smith took to Twitter to confirm that the Artifact won't be enabled for Power-enabled PVP (including both Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris).

Also, it's Friday and that means our tentacle-faced purveyor of exotic goods, Xur, has returned. Find out where he is and what he's selling here.

New "Director's Cut" Blog Post - 27th February, 10:30 GMT

Luke Smith, Destiny 2's Game Director, released a hefty blog post about how the game will be changing of the course of 2020 (but not entirely in the upcoming season). You can read the full piece here, but we've summed up the key points below:

  • Moving forward, less emphasis will be placed on seasonal activities that are removed once the season finishes. This should alleviate FOMO.
  • Bright Engrams, the game's loot boxes that can be earned by playing or by paying, will no longer be available for purchase. Instead, they'll be more closely tied to the battle pass inspired season pass, while individual items will be found in the store.
  • Weapons will now have a maximum power level, which means they'll essentially expire for activities where power is a factor. Smith says this will be between nine and fifteen months, so players will have to keep finding fresh gear.
  • Faction Rallies are no longer part of the game.
  • The Quest Log is getting another refresh, which is handy – many of us have an unwieldy list of tasks to complete.
  • Finally, players jumping in for the first time will notice some tweaks to the intro of New Light, the game's free-to-play base game.

Trials of Osiris and Season Title Confirmed - 26th February, 10:00 GMT

Big news today, as players completed the Empyrean Foundation donation quest and unlocked a cutscene confirming that Trial of Osiris is returning.

Check out the full story here, as Bungie also confirms that the season will be known as Season of the Worthy.

Fighting Lion Buff? - 25th February 17:50 GMT

As reported by RockPaperShotgun, it looks like the Fighting Lion (a grenade launcher that can operate as a primary weapon) is getting a buff alongside the sniper rifle nerfs that we mentioned below.

Destiny 2 Players Upset By Sniper Rifle Nerfs - 24th February 10:45 GMT

The balance update that Bungie revealed this week won’t be going live until the start of next season, it’s clear that Destiny 2’s sniper rifles are going to be considerably nerfed, and a lot of players are not pleased about it.

Bungie Nerfs and Xur Day - 21st February, 12:00

Bungie's latest blog post has released a hefty look at nerfs coming to weapons like Lord of Wolves and Inazagi's Burden. You can find the full information drop here.

Once you've read that, be sure to head to our Xur page to find out what the tentacle-faced peddler is offering for Guardians this week.

Players Losing Progress? – 20th February, 19:00

With two recent hotfixes to Destiny 2, players have been complaining about losing progress when the game rolls back to its pre-patched state.

Bungie has now commented on the issue in a blog post here.

New Story Cutscene Added – 19th February, 11:00 GMT

Destiny players logging into the game today are being treated to a nice surprise – a short story cutscene showing an interaction between Osiris and Rasputin.

With the former questioning whether the latter is an ally or an enemy, he calls the AI a "murder" and a "betrayer", presumably this will set up a new narrative thread for Season 10.

Thanks to Kimber Prime, you can watch the video here.

Could the Prison Of Elders Return in Season 10? – 18th February, 15:15 GMT

Paul Tassi of has been discussing the possibility of the Prison of Elders returning to the Destiny franchise, having been absent since the first game.

We've already spoken about the potential return of Trials of Osiris, the series' premiere PVP mode, but that mode originally launched alongside the Prison of Elders as part of the first game's House of Wolves expansion. 

The wave-based arena combat has been hinted at in the Warden of Nothing strike that was added as part of Forsaken but hasn't made a return. 

With PVP not being for everyone, could it return? You can read Paul's piece here.

Destiny Streamer Carries 9-year-old to Max Rank in Crucible – 17th February, 15:30 GMT

Ok, it's not much of an update on Season 10, but Destiny's community has long been one of the best parts of the game.

That's epitomised by Fallout Plays, a veteran Destiny content creator, and his friend Rhythm carrying a nine-year-old to the max rank in the game's competitive multiplayer playlist. You can read the full story here via Polygon.

The worst part is, that even without Fallout Plays and Rhythm, we're fairly sure young CJ would wipe the floor with us.

You can watch the video here.

Season 10 Everything You Need To Know - 16th February 22:45 GMT

Are you excited about Season 10? Looking to know what it will bring?

Apparently known as "Season of the Worthy", Season 10 will begin on the 10th March with plenty of changes including the Seasonal Artifact, Sandbox Changes, Mod Changes and Trials of Osiris changes.

Check out our Destiny 2 Season 10 Hub here.

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