Destiny 2 Season 11 is getting closer, as the Pyramid Ships suggest The Darkness will be appearing soon

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Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy is beginning to wrap up, and a new cutscene has set the stage for what could be coming next.

With the game's official Instagram page releasing a cinematic teaser, the game's eleventh season and next big DLC are still a mystery for the most part.


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Thankfully, the teases are well and truly underway, with a new cutscene greeting players after weekly reset this week. This was previously datamined, but you can see it below.


What does it mean?

This confirms the previous leak that suggested that the Darkness is orbiting Jupiter, potentially preparing to make themselves known in an upcoming expansion.

The pyramid ships were part of Shadowkeep's story, but the trail went somewhat cold as Bungie ventured into its new seasonal content model. That was a shame because the end of that expansion raised some interesting questions about the future of Destiny 2, so we're looking forward to finding out more in the weeks ahead.