What Is Paraversal Haul in Destiny 2

What is a Paraverse Haul in Destiny 2? You can earn them through Starhorse bounties as part of the 30th Anniversary celebrations in Destiny 2, but there's little context for what they actually do. You can get these from Xur and his Starhorse at Eternity, but it'll cost you.

What is a Paraversal Haul in Destiny 2?

The Paraversal Haul is decsribed as “a haphazard package of treasures plucked from the impossible rubble of clashing realities.” In other words, it's a random grab-bag of different items you'll get, but they can contain some rare loot - if you're lucky.

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What's Inside Paraverse Hauls in Destiny 2?

Paraverse Hauls live in the "Consumables" section of your inventory. Here's what you may get when you open one:

There's no telling what the Paraverse Haul drop rates are just yet, so we don't recommend buying them. There is another way to earn Paraverse Hauls, though.

How to Get a Paraversal Haul in Destiny 2

Aside from buying a Paraverse Haul from Xur using Strange Coins, you may also earn them as a reward for some of Starhorse's bounties.

If you have some unused Strange Coins lying around, you could use them to purchase a Paraversal Haul, but it's not the best way to use them. You'll need Strange Coins for the Forerunner weapon and for Bounties.

Since this item is fairly new, and the drop rates of the different gear from this item is still unknown, you might want to hold on to your Strange Coins before you use it for this item.

Good luck Guardian!

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