Destiny 2's Free-To-Play Version Is Getting A New Tutorial

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Destiny 2's upcoming expansion Beyond Light will add plenty of content, but will also see much of the existing content "vaulted".

While much of those missions and quests are old news for longtime players, it'll drastically cut down the options for new players jumping into the New Light free-to-play version.

Thankfully, Bungie is introducing some big changes to player onboarding. 

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Destiny 2 Getting Big Changes To New Light

One of the criticisms of New Light has been its tendency to throw plenty of concepts at players very quickly.

Once you've beaten a boss, you're thrust into a game's "Director" with little guidance.

In a new blog post, Bungie has revealed that it has taken that feedback to heart, and is adding a new NPC to help players learn the basics.

"Starting November 10, players will start in the same way that most all of us have. A Ghost will be on the hunt for their Guardian, they’ll stumble upon you, and they’ll revive you for the first time. What’s different now is that you won’t immediately find a ship. Rather, you’ll stumble into another Guardian in the wild," the blog reads.

"Shaw Han is his name, and he’s on a mission with his fireteam to investigate what the Hive are up to in the Cosmodrome. He’ll show you the ropes, and help you find your way among the gameplay and systems of Destiny 2."

Players will be able to try out multiple weapons and armour, check out progression systems, and learn the game's interface before ever stepping foot in the Tower.

Existing players can also go through the quest for a "stroll through memory lane", Bungie says.


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