Destiny 2 Needs A Procedurally-Generated Activity

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Destiny 2's Season of the Splicer brings with it the new Expunge activity, and friends, let me tell you - it's some of the most fun I've had in Destiny.

Merging fun platforming and some enjoyable combat, it never feels too long or drawn out - it's got some challenge to it, but it doesn't push back too hard.

It's got me thinking, though - what would a procedurally generated level look like in Destiny 2?

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Destiny 2 Needs A Procedurally-Generated Activity

Destiny 2's Strikes are great, at least the first one hundred times you blow through them, but the excitement to play them begins to wane. I've suggested an enemy invasion mechanic before, but as a primarily PvE player that struggles to fit regular raiding into a schedule that also includes a baby, a partner, and, of course, a job.

That means I'm almost always looking for bite-sized content, but I don't think I'm alone in that - I'd wager that's why Clan Engrams drop the way they do, as well as why it's so easy to rack up Pinnacle Drops.

Imagine a scenario where you drop into a location where the individual combat encounters and boss mechanics are switched up with every run. It's unlikely you'd be able to lock in your gear (coming up against Barrier Champions without a Barrier Mod is just a pain, let's be honest), but being unable to guess what's in the next room could be huge.

You could go even further and a roguelike element (as I've fallen in love with), but that's a whole other story (you unlock various abilities and perks as you progress).

I should also preface this by saying that I don't doubt that randomly generated levels would be an incredible undertaking - I get it. This is a dream feature more than a realistic expectation.

That said, there are some grounds for such a feature. Remember Curse of Osiris' Infinite Forest? The expansion introduced a shifting set of tiles and enemies, but felt a little limited in scope - there was no replayable way to jump straight in, for example.

Actually, that's not entirely true - The Festival of the Lost added the Haunted Forest where players needed to burn through as many enemies and bosses as possible to earn rewards. Honestly, if you take away the spooky, pitch-black vibes, I'd love to play a Haunted Forest as part of my regular Destiny activities.

Another issue would be how to entice players to jump in. Sure, various difficulty modes and modifiers feel like a given, but you'd need some pretty great loot to pull players in. Whether that's specific rolls on gear or just a decent chance at some nifty materials, I don't know.

In any case, I feel like Bungie is so close to realising this kind of thing. The Vex Network feels like fertile ground for an ever-changing mode where nothing stays the same.


Here's hoping.

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