Destiny 2 "Iron-Handed Diplomacy" Iron Banner Quest Guide: All Steps and Rewards

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Iron Banner is back this week, for the last time in Season of the Splicer.

In order to turn in your hard-earned tokens, though, you'll need to complete another seasonal quest dubbed "Adversarial Relations".

Don't panic if you don't finish the quest, though – it'll remain in place for the rest of the season, so when Iron Banner returns you can pick up where you left off.


This is your last chance to participate in the event before Season 15 starts.

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Destiny 2 "Iron-Handed Diplomacy" Iron Banner Quest Guide

Step 1 – Leverage The Void

  • Arc/Void Ability Kills – 10
  • Defeat Guardians – 30
  • Capture Zones – 10

Ready, set, go - you'll no doubt capture zones and defeat Guardians easily, but Arc/Void ability kills are a little tougher.

Still, hold your super until you're in the middle of the chaos and let rip.

Step 2 – Negotiation By Force

  • Hand Cannon Kills – 20
  • Capture zones – 20
  • Complete Iron Banner matches – 6

Hand Cannons are pretty common in Destiny 2, and if you grabbed Palindrome last season or have access to Last Word, Thorn, or even Bottom Dollar, you should get through this fairly easily.

Step 3 – Adversarial Relations

  • Sniper Rifle Kills – 10
  • Defeat Guardians – 100
  • Capture zones – 30

Likely to be the first stumbling block for many, sniper rifles aren't for everyone. We'd recommend covering a sightline and laying in wait.

While the 100 Guardian kills may seem a lot, remember that you'll have been accruing them in Steps 1 and 2.

Step 4 – Hostile Takeover

  • Capture Zones – 40
  • Melee Kills – 15
  • Shotgun Kills – 10

Woof, another rough step. Shotgun kills are simple, although ammo can be scarce.

Melee kills, however, is a bit of a drag. We'd recommend grabbing Monte Carlo if you have it since it'll keep boosting your melee ability. While you don't need the ability to be active, you'll do more damage.

Step 5 – Gunboat Diplomacy

  • Super Kills – 15
  • Match Points – 25
  • Machine Gun Kills – 3

Machine gun kills are fairly simple, it's more grabbing the ammo that may prove challenging, and Super Kills are easier with roaming supers.

Match Points are awarded for playing Iron Banner. 3 Points will be earned for every win, and a loss awards one point. With the reduced pressure of the prior steps, though, at least you can play to have fun and with your preferred loadout.


While the real draw for many is the tokens that can earn players the Iron Banner armour, you'll also earn various drops throughout.

The final reward is the Finite Compactor Hand Cannon.