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Destiny 2 Iron Banner June 2021 Countdown: Start Date, Weapons, Armour, and More

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Good news, Destiny fans – Iron Banner is back. 


If you're new to Destiny, the mode is a PvP activity that lasts for a week and enables Power Level advantages. For more, check out our guide.

Here's everything we know about the latest Iron Banner of 2021, and the first of Season of the Splicer.

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Destiny 2 Iron Banner Start Date

Iron Banner kicks off on June 8th this time around and runs until reset on June 15th.

It's also the first Iron Banner since a Stasis-nerfing patch.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Bounties

Before turning in your accrued tokens, you'll likely need to finish Lord Saladin's quest.

Check out our guide to "Iron-Handed Diplomacy" here.

Once it's completed you can try your hand at the following bounties:

  • Oath of the Pack: Defeat opponents while assisted by at least one other teammate
  • Manoeuvre Warfare: Defeat opponents while your team holds Zone Advantage. Earn bonus progress during the Hunt.
  • An Arsenal of Tricks: Defeat opponents with final blows from any ability. Earn bonus progress for Supers and opponents with a higher Power Level.
  • The Rout: Defeat opponents in the Iron Banner. Earn bonus progress by landing final blows on opponents with a higher Power level.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Weapons

As we reported last month, there are new weapons coming.

Fans can expect a hand cannon, shotgun, machine gun, and sniper rifle.

Here's what Bungie has said about them in the run-up to this event:

"Last Iron Banner, the Riiswalker Shotgun and Archon’s Thunder Machine Gun were introduced through a Seasonal quest. We quickly identified an issue where these new tools of destruction weren’t available through alternate means. If you’ve been holding tokens for future loot, it's almost time to sell. I could make a joke about diamond hands here, but I think you've already connected those dots."
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Destiny 2 Iron Banner Armour

We recently got new versions of the Iron Truage armour – they look the same but have a higher level cap and new mod slots.

That said, Bungie has confirmed new sets are on the way but it'll be a few Seasons before we get to earn them.

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