How to Get the Arbalest Catalyst in Destiny 2

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Wondering how to get the Destiny 2 Arbalyst Catalyst? The Destiny 2 30th Anniversary update brought an Arbalest buff at long last and finally introduced the Arbalyst Catalyst. Although getting the Catalyst does require a bit of luck, once you do get it and level it up completely, it transforms the Arbalest into a mighty weapon.

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How to Get the Arbalest Catalyst in Destiny 2

The Arbalest Catalyst randomly drops through playlist activities, such as Nightfalls, Crucible matches, and Gambit, but again, it's completely random. You may have to plan

Make sure you have the Arbalest equipped when you're running these, though. The Catalyst has no chance of dropping otherwise.


How to Level Up the Arbalest Catalyst

Just like most catalyst level up requirements, you need to eliminate a set number of enemies to unlock the Arbalest Catalyst's full potential. This one requires you to kill 500 enemies, and you have to use the Arbalest to do it.

There's no location or activity requirement, though, so you're free to do this wherever you like. Obviously, activities with plenty of enemies are ideal, but if you want to do things more efficiently, take the Arbalest into Dares of Eternity. You'll get Treasure Keys and Strange Coins, along with progress toward unlocking the Catalyst.

Arbalest Catalyst Effects

Like most master-worked weapons, once you've managed to level up this catalyst, you'll be generating orbs, which help charge your supers.


It also makes your weapon handle better and increases the magazine capacity. Finally, it has the Genesis and Disruption Break perks.

The former fills your magazines from the reserves once you break a shield with the Arbalest. The latter makes your enemies susceptible to kinetic damage for a short period of time once you've broken their shields with the Arbalest.

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