Destiny 2: How to Beat The Dark Priestess Empire Hunt in Beyond Light

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light has added an amazing amount of new content for players to explore!

Sure, it was at the expense of other content being vaulted, but we haven’t noticed given how much Europa has to offer!

One such addition are Empire Hunts, a way for Guardians to replay some of the Campaign’s Missions and reface the House of Salvation’s strongest champions.


The three quests, The Technocrat, The Warrior and The Dark Priestess can award some great rewards for completing them.

In this guide, we’re going to explain how you complete The Dark Priestess Empire Hunt.

We hope it helps you, and good luck out there Guardian!

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How to Unlock The Dark Priestess Empire Hunt


To start The Dark Priestess Empire Hunt you must first shell out 40 Herealways pieces.

You can earn them from a wide range of activities, especially if you have completed Variks’s Sabotages.

Once you have enough, visit him again and purchase The Dark Priestess Empire Hunt to get going.

Now, this is where the fun begins!

Empire Hunts always begin with a couple of smaller objectives that will make you race around Europa searching for kills or resources.

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These tasks are fairly simple but are random so we can’t give you specific help on those here.

Though, once they are completed you can finally hunt down your quarry!


How to Beat The Dark Priestess Empire Hunt

Now it’s time to go kill Kridis, the Dark Priestess. Again.

Head to the Eventide Ruins to start the mission, this is much better than heading to Riis-Reborn for the 500th time!

This Empire Hunt is fairly straight forward.

Progress through the level, clearing through enemies as you travel until you find Kridis.

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Once you do, you’ll be in for a fight, here are our tips:


Keep Moving But Change Direction, Kridis will aim her Stasis attacks where she thinks you will be, so don’t stand still and try not to always move in one direction

Clear Out Enemies Quickly, Kridi’s forces will gand up on you, especially if you get caught in Stasis, so don’t stop moving

Use Cover, if you duck behind cover you can hide from many of Kridis’ attacks and regain health if you need it

If you still need a hand, use the video above by YouTuber, Esoterickk!

We hope this all helps!