Destiny 2 Horror Story Guide: How To Get Festival Of The Lost Weapon And God Roll

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The Festival of the Lost is here, and just as with last year's event, players can earn the Horror Story auto-rifle.

While it's not the handiest for PvP content, the right rolls on this legendary weapon can make it an incredibly solid choice for PvE activities.

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Destiny 2 Horror Story Guide: How To Get Festival Of The Lost Weapon

Originally a spinoff from the Origin Story weapon, the Horror Story is a 450 RPM weapon with some nifty perks available.

It's also not that had to get, either, but true God Rolls could take some time (see below).

How To Get Horror Story

1) You'll need to earn Cypher Decoders by completing activities, although they aren't guaranteed.

You can earn them from completing Strikes, Crucible, or Gambit matches, and you can hold a few - which we'd recommend doing.

2) Head into the Haunted Forest


You'll need to battle your way through the randomly generated areas and reach the end to get the chance to open up to five locked chests.

Use the Cypher Decoders to unlock them, and you'll get a chance at the Horror Story from the chests.

Horror Story God Roll

If you're interested in hunting down the best version, here are our picks for the gun's best available perks:

  • Red Dot 2 MOA
  • Appended Mag
  • Killing Wind
  • Demolitionist

These set you up nicely to increase the weapon's range and magazine size, and Killing Wind will make your weapon even deadlier after each kill.

Finally, Demolitionist recharges your grenade, and then throwing the grenade reloads your weapon like some kind of circle of death.