New Rumor Points to Destiny 2 and Halo Crossover for Bungie's 30th Anniversary

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Plans for Bungie's 30th anniversary have reportedly leaked and suggest a Destiny 2 Halo crossover could happen later in 2021.

Leakers shared the information first on Discord before the full Notepad file found its way to Reddit.


It's a lengthy file detailing story developments not everyone fully believes are possible, a number of system balance changes and weapons, and, scattered here and there, mentions of Bungie's birthday plans.

The document numbers more than 400 lines in total, making it a fairly elaborate fake if it is one.

Halo isn't even in the spotlight either. The first mention of it is more than 100 lines into the data.

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New Rumor Points to Destiny 2 and Halo Crossover

If the information in the leak is accurate, then Destiny 2 is getting a handful of Halo weapons later this year along with two missions.

A heavy Sniper Rifle from Halo (Exotic)

  • Gravity Hammer (Exotic)
  • CE Magnum Pistol (Legendary)
  • Battle Rifle (Legendary)
  • Halo-themed armor sets
    • Hunter: ODST
    • Titan: Reach Spartan
    • Warlock: The Arbiter

Other Bungie franchises will also be represented in the anniversary celebrations, though of course, none of this is official until Bungie confirms it themselves.


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[Source: Reddit]