08 Apr 2021 8:19 AM +00:00

Destiny 2 Glaciocasm Guide: Everything We Know About The Dawning Fusion Rifle So Far

Beyond Light has ushered in the Season of the Hunt, and following a week of Iron Banner action, The Dawning begins again tomorrow.

Destiny's traditional holiday event offers a wealth of new cosmetics to chase, but it also offers a new legendary fusion rifle.

Here's all we know about Glacioclasm.

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Destiny 2 Glaciocasm Guide

Glaciocasm is a new fusion rifle that has a High-Impact Frame (slow fire/high damage), and High-Impact Reserves (rounds at end of the magazine deal more damage).

While the name suggests that this festive fusion rifle offers Stasis damage, it's actually a Void weapon. 

Still, it does offer some solid PvP utility, especially with the following perks:

  • Under Pressure
  • High-Impact Synergies

Whether those are enough to be deemed a "God Roll", though, remains to be seen.

Destiny 2 The Dawning: How To Get Glaciocasm

Unfortunately, we don't yet know how to earn Glaciocasm – but we can speculate.

It looks as though it has a chance to drop from the gifts received for baking cookies for characters, but we'll confirm this soon.