Destiny 2's Ghosts Are Being Overhauled With Beyond Light

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Ahead of Destiny 2's Beyond Light expansion, Bungie will overhaul the way Ghosts work.

The rework, dubbed "Ghost 2.0", will change the way Ghosts work, as well as how they can be customised.


For those who aren't aware, Ghosts are a Guardian's companion and have been with us since 2014 when they bought us back from the dead - but they've long been redundant in a gameplay sense.

Destiny 2: Ghost Overhaul Coming With Beyond Light

Revealed via Bungie's weekly blog, Mina Jasinski, one of the game's designers, was able to explain what Guardians can expect.

"Ghosts have always been important partners to our Guardians in the Destiny universe, but they haven’t received any meaningful updates in quite some time," Jasinski explains.


"To allow Ghosts to truly shine as the useful and interesting companions we’d like them to be, we decided it was time to give them a bit of an overhaul."

That overhaul is inspired by the mod system introduced in Shadowkeep, it seems.

Ghost Shells can be equipped with mods, which will be earnable in-game (Bungie is keen to note they won't be purchasable in the Eververse store).

Each Ghost Shell will have three mod slots, with a fourth unlocking after you've "Masterworked" the shell.


One slot will be for an Experience mod, one for a Tracking mod, one for an Economic mod, and the final, unlockable slot, will be for an Activity mod.

Existing mods have been made default unlocked mods, while location-specific ones have been changed to more general perks.

As per the blog, "energy costs for those mods now reflect the increased flexibility and the mods must be earned from various vendor engrams."

"Kill Tracker and Leviathan Boss Kill perks will remain intrinsic only on their specific Ghost Shells. Even with these changes, you’ll still be able to build most of the popular Exotic perk combinations that were available previously such as Guiding Light and Treasure Hunter, along with a plethora of new combinations!"


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