Destiny 2 Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic Guide: How To Get New Beyond Light Rocket Launcher, And Why You Should

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Destiny 2's Deep Stone Crypt raid has been completed, and among other things, a new Exotic has been uncovered.

The Eyes of Tomorrow rocket launcher is here, and it's the kind of weapon that's sure to be sought after.


Here's why, as well as how to get it. 

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Destiny 2 Eyes of Tomorrow Guide

Eyes of Tomorrow could potentially end up being this expansion's "Gjallarhorn".


The rocket launcher fires a payload of six rockets, each with individual targeting.

By aiming down the sights, each rocket can lock on to a specific target.

When killing four targets in a salvo, the weapon gets a damage boost on the next volley.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light: How To Get Eyes of Tomorrow

There's only one way to get Eyes of Tomorrow, and that's to beat the raid. 


The weapon is a random drop when defeating Taniks, the Abomination – the raid's final boss.

Unfortunately, that means it's not a guaranteed drop, but since Bungie recently tweaked raid weapon drop rates, your chances will increase for every unsuccessful attempt.

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Bungie has recently pledged to add more loot and has already nerfed Stasis abilities in PvP.