Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy: How to get Exotics ahead of new season

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Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy is arriving next week, and you may be wondering how to earn Exotics.

These are Destiny's most famous weapons and armour, and the rarest, too. They offer game-changing abilities, and once you've got one you'll likely learn new ways to play.


Here's our guide to how to find them.

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Destiny 2: How To Find Exotics

There are four ways to earn Exotics in the game.


Earn them through gameplay

There are numerous ways to earn Exotic Engrams in the game, with each of these randomly revealing an Exotic. Of course, the drop rates are low in many activities, so try high-level content such as Raids for your best chance.

  • Completion of any Patrol mission
  • Completion of any Strike
  • Completion of any Adventure
  • Completion of any Public Event
  • Completion of a Raid or Raid Lair
  • Completion of a Crucible match

Exotic Quests

As you play Destiny 2, you'll likely end up being able to complete Exotic Quests. Some, like the MIDA Multi-Tool, are unlocked immediately after finishing the base game's campaign. Others, like Thorn, are a little trickier to begin.

Use the Season Pass


Since Shadowkeep added a new Season Pass system, each one has offered a fresh Exotic weapon. Simply level up your pass to be able to reap the benefits, with the Premium track offering extra Exotic Engrams, too.

Visit Xur

Xur, Destiny's exotic vendor, will sell you an exotic weapon and piece of armour (one of those for each class), as well as a random engram that could be either, from Friday to Monday. Check back to Gfinity for our Xur guides, where we run through where to find him and what he's offering on any given week.