Destiny 2 Essence of Failure Quest Guide: Where Is The Captive Cord On The Moon?

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If you're looking for the Captive Cord for the Essence of Failure on Destiny 2's Moon we are here with a guide to help you out!

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Where Is The Captive Cord?

So you'll need to be on the moon but more accurately you'll first need to go to Sorrow's Harbour in order to find the Captive Cord.

On the South edge you should find a Red Bridge:


You can find the bridge in the South part of the area, the bridge will take you off the map.

If you keep going straight you should eventually cross into a new area, the Lunar Battlegrounds.


When the area opens up you should see another, smaller bridge, and an opening in the cliff here. You'll be able to spot a grey panel with a single orange stripe on it on the left of the opening!

You're almost at the Captive Cord! Go through and you spot this domed building:


Though the tower is where you want to head and you should see a mission marker pop up at this point!

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Jump up on it and swing around the back. In the corner of the structure below, you should see the marker:


Unfortunately, no map this time as you won't be on it, but the marker should do most of the work in this last part.

And that's how you find the Captive Cord!