Destiny 2 Is Bringing Back Double Nightfall Loot, Starting Tomorrow

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Ahead of Destiny 2's Beyond Light expansion, Bungie has given players a great reason to jump into the game this week. 

As of tomorrow's weekly reset, all Nightfall: The Ordeal strikes will offer double rewards, factoring in more rewards for higher difficulties.


Destiny 2: Double Nightfall Rewards

We also know that this week's strike will be "The Lake of Shadows" in the EDZ, a mission that can be completed pretty quickly.

In fact, it's the game's shortest Strike, meaning you can run it a few times and get a bevvy of rewards. 

While the gear and weapons you earn may not be all that useful in the long run (as Bungie begins to cap pre-Beyond Light weapons to a set power level), you'll still have the opportunity to convert it all into materials.


If you're short on anything, now's a good time to jump in.

It's also a handy opportunity to clear Nightfall Bounties since you're playing it anyway.

Not only will you get rewards from those, but they'll also help you level your battle pass, too.

Doubled Nightfall rewards were previously a glitch that players stumbled upon.


After lobbying Bungie to include it as a limited-time event of sorts, that's exactly what the dev has done.

Meanwhile, the grenade launcher Mountaintop, one of the key ingredients to successful Nightfall runs on higher difficulties, looks as though it'll be getting a nerf in the coming weeks. Find out more here.

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