Destiny 2 Deathbringer Guide: Symphony of Death Quest Steps and Circle of Bones Location

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Shadowkeep may have landed over a year ago, but one of Destiny 2's best exotics is still only available through it.

The weapon in question is Deathbringer, an exotic rocket launcher that is well worth picking up.


Here's what it does, and how to get it.

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Destiny 2 Deathbringer Guide

Deathbringer is a rocket launcher that deals Void damage and uses Power Ammo.

Its intrinsic perk is called "Dark Deliverance", which means it fires remotely detonated rockets which can be triggered by releasing the trigger after firing. 


It also looks terrifying and will strike fear in the hearts of PvP enemies and PvE bosses alike.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Symphony of Death Quest

This quest falls into several steps, and it can take a while to get through them.

To get the quest, you'll need to complete the post-campaign quest Lunar Spelunker from Eris on the Moon, and then kill Nightmares with Arc abilities to cleanse the Memory of Sai Mota that it awards players.

After that, you'll find Eris through a portal next to her usual spot, and in the chest is the Symphony of Death questline.

Find The Circle of Bones

The first step may not be obvious, but you'll need to head under the moon's surface until you find the Faculties of the Skull mission.


It's not too taxing, and once complete you'll need to head to Eris again.

The Circle of Bones is essentially a hub that reaches most areas of the moon. Head underground, and just keep going down until you find it.

Complete Marrow's Elegy

This step will require you to complete three objectives.

  • Complete Public Events Near The Hellmouth
  • Complete The Lost Sector K1 Revelation in Sorrow's Harbor
  • Kill a Bone Collector

All four steps are simple, but if you're having trouble finding the Bone Collector, be sure to look in Anchor of Light. It'll spawn there, but may take some time, so keep your eyes up, Guardian.

Defeat High Conductor Sulmakta


Head into the Scarlett Keep Strike (you don't have to go via the playlist, just selecting it from the map is fine).

When you reach the elevator at the end, you'll find High Conductor Sulmakta at the elevator's second stop. You don't have to get the final blow, but you will need to do at least some damage for it to count.

Symphony of Death

This one is a little more enjoyable, and essentially just needs players to play the game as they normally would.

  • Kill regular enemies
  • Kill elites and mini-bosses
  • Defeat bosses or other Guardians

If you're jumping in weekly to play some Strikes or Crucible matches (or even Gambit), this won't take long at all.

Choir of the Damned


This bespoke mission will see you hunting down a Hive Deathsinger, but it's not as tough as you'd think – especially since the Power requirement is just 920.

We encountered a glitch that meant we had to return to orbit and restart, though, so be prepared to have some patience.

Once you've done it, Deathsinger is yours.