Destiny 2 Class Act Quest Guide: How to get Heir Apparent, the new exotic machine gun

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Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy has bought with it the Guardian Games, a new chance to prove which Class is the best (although we all know Titans are superior).

Whichever class you play, one of the game's Triumphs (Destiny 2's in-game achievements), Class Act, will need to be completed to earn yourself Heir Apparent – a new exotic machine gun.


Here's how to complete it.

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Destiny 2: How to get Heir Apparent


To complete the Class Act Triumph, you'll need to finish seven other Guardian Games Triumphs. Thankfully, there 11 available, so you have some leeway in which you may want to pick and focus on. 

Here are all of the Triumphs for Guardian Games

  • Star Athlete: Complete all Triumphs for the Guardian Games 2020.
  • Renowned: Earn points by collecting laurels from super, grenade, and charged melee final blows. You earn more points for killing enemies of your own class, curiously.
  • Great Deeds: Collect 400 laurels in Gambit matches, 500 in strikes, 600 in forges, and 1,000 on destinations. 
  • Gold Medalist: Redeem 30 gold medals. 
  • Medalist: Redeem any 75 medals. 
  • Show Your Colors: Earn points by completing Guardian Games bounties. Weekly bounties afford 4 points, daily ones 2 points, and repeatable bounties 1 point.
  • Represent: Defeat combatants with abilities in Vanguard strikes and Nightfalls. 
  • Quintuple Threat: Redeem a gold medal for Crucible, Gambit, strikes, destinations, and forges. 
  • World Class: Redeem 20 forge or destination medals. 
  • Guardian Gamble: Redeem 10 Gambit medals. 
  • Embrace the Light: Defeat 25 Guardians with Supers in the Rumble playlist. 

The good news is that there's plenty of variety there, and removing "Star Athlete" we've still got ten choices to pick our seven from. For our money, we'd recommend "Embrace The Light" since even if you aren't specced into gaining Super energy, you'll be able to build it over time and it's pretty easy to get kills with it.

"Represent" is an easy pick, since you can wreck shop in standard strikes once you've hit a respectable light level, and that will filter through to "Renowned" too – so you might end up with both completed before you know it. Renowned can also tick over while you're playing Gambit, helping you earn those 10 Gambit medals for "Guardian Gamble".


"Show Your Colours" will take you plenty of time, but you will earn plenty of Seasonal XP towards your pass – so pick up your weekly and daily bounties, then head to Eva for as many repeatable ones as you can carry.

If you're going for "Gold Medalist" or "Medalist", be sure to keep your alternate characters playing, too. Each character can earn nine medals each day, so you'll fly through if you keep alternating.

All of them feed into "Great Deeds" which is nice, as it means that one can keep ticking along nicely without you really having to do a great deal – just keep playing the game.