Destiny 2 Can Solve Its Strike Problem By Borrowing From The Division 2

Destiny 2's new Season of the Splicer kicks off tomorrow, and while it does appear it'll add a load more loot, it appears we won't be getting new Strikes (at least according to the roadmap).

Sure, we're getting the Vault of Glass (which is a pretty huge deal for veterans, and newcomers alike), but there is a way that Bungie can alleviate the repetitious nature of Strikes.

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Destiny 2 Can Solve Its Strike Problem By Borrowing From The Division 2

You see, Strikes are short, bite-sized missions that most Fireteams can blow through in fifteen minutes or so.

Some are longer, some are shorter, and all are tougher with added modifiers, but for the most part they're pretty straightforward.

The issue lies in that there are only so many. Beyond Light culled the playlist significantly, and while I'm definitely happy Season of the Chosen added two reprised Destiny 1 Strikes alongside the new Proving Grounds, if you've played the Strike playlist for any period of time then you'll still feel like you're seeing the same things.

Sure, an 'expanded' PvE playlist with Battlegrounds and the like could work, too, but have a better idea – or, I should say, Ubisoft did.

The Division 2 marked arguably one of the most content-rich loot-shooter launches in the fledgeling genre's history, but it had a really smart way of making that content go further, too.

You see, once players finished the campaign, a new faction called Black Tusk began to sweep onto the map and begin remixing missions with new enemy placements and abilities.

It made everything feel dangerous again, at least for a while, and strikes me (no pun intended) as a great choice for Bungie. Imagine the Pyramidion Strike returns, but it's full of Fallen or Cabal that have snuck inside.

Ok, it may not make a great deal of narrative sense, but it could be a fun experiment. Besides, Bungie already has alternate voice lines in some Strikes, so perhaps you could even randomise it. Or, maybe it's time for a tougher playlist that stands aside from the Nightfall and offers tougher Strikes for those that want a little more challenge but without a timer.

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