Destiny 2: Beyond Light gets a new trailer as the Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansions hit Game Pass on consoles

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“The deepest secrets of Europa are now within our grasp,” the Stranger says. If you played the original Destiny campaign that came out six years ago, you’ll remember her as the time-traveling Exo who showed up on Venus.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s Europa destination

In Destiny 2: Beyond Light — out November 10 on PC, PlayStation, Stadia, and Xbox — she’s finally back, and something sinister’s brewing on the Jovian moon of Europa.


But somebody else is coming back in Beyond Light, as well. Remember Variks? He was the campy Fallen Vandal who hung around in the original Destiny’s second social hub, the Reef, and operated the Prison of Elders PvE arena.

Variks was great; his voice-over was unforgettable. (That’s Dee Bradley Baker, who’s played every role from the Gravemind in Halo 2 to Captain Rex in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Brilliant actor.)

Apparently, Bungie’s bringing back all kinds of things we loved from the original Destiny — including the Vault of Glass raid on Venus next year. No complaints from me.

Europa and the Deep Stone Crypt

As for Europa and its dark mysteries, players will be taking on a mix of hostile Fallen and Vex when the new expansion drops, and a new press release teases some of the locations scattered around the icy moon.


Among them are Eventide Ruins, the remains of a Clovis Bray colony; Asterion Abyss, which is the domain of the Vex; Cadmus Ridge, a possible location of the “Bray Exoscience facility”; and Charon’s Crossing, a communications center.

Destiny lore has long teased the Deep Stone Crypt, birthplace of the mechanical Exos, like Cayde-6 and the Stranger. There’s a decent chance the Bray Exoscience facility and the Deep Stone Crypt are connected.

Check out that floating sliver of Darkness in the trailer. I recall the Stranger telling me in Destiny 1 that she “was not forged in Light,” so you do the math. I’m betting that thing’s responsible for the dawn of the Exo race.

Forsaken and Shadowkeep on Game Pass

This is an exciting time for Destiny 2. With Bungie freed of its commitments to Activision for some time now, and a new console generation just around the corner, Beyond Light promises to be a fantastic jumping-on point for new devoted players.


The game’s free-to-play release made the game easy to try, but its Game Pass launch will show folks the best of what Destiny 2 truly has to offer — namely, the Forsaken campaign from year two. And the Shadowkeep expansion, set on Earth’s moon, is also a lot of fun.

Both expansions are out today on Game Pass for console.