Destiny 2 Beyond Light Title Screen And Music Revealed, Dark Theme Coming To Menus

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Beyond Light, essentially the first chapter in a new era of Destiny 2, launches tomorrow.

Every expansion has bought with it some changes to the game's title screen and music, and it looks as though Beyond Light will be no different in that regard.


Thanks to longtime community member Ginsor, we can get a peek at what will await us when the game's upcoming maintenance period ends.

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light Title Screen And Music Revealed

Check out Ginsor's upload below:


On its own, it's a nice dramatic way to open a new season, themed with "ice" a la the new stasis subclasses, but perhaps most importantly is that this home screen marks the first of Destiny 2's dark menu options.

For years now, fans have been asking Bungie for a new opening screen, with the franchise's famous "bright white" loading screens being particularly bright during late-night play sessions.

With Beyond Light, Bungie is enabling long-awaited darker menus to coincide with our new Darkness-fueled subclasses.

Sure, it's a small touch, but it also applies to our in-game "Character" screen, as below:

*Chef's Kiss*We get icons for Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt. We also get the artifact icon and this spicy new character screen. The class item is a backpack. XD
— JpDeathBlade (@JpDeathBlade)
October 27, 2020

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We've also got some early patch notes ahead of the full changelog on launch day.