Destiny 2 Beyond Light Raid: Release Date, Start Time, Deep Stone Crypt Power Level, Rewards And More

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light’s Raid, Deep Stone Crypt, is only a day away from releasing and fans of the title’s postgame content are excited to solve its mysteries.

Given that Beyond Light has not only brought new content, the DLC also removed content for the first time.


As such, Guardians have been counting down the time with more anticipation than ever!

If you want to know when you and your fireteam can access the new content for yourselves, read on!

Deep Stone Crypt Release Date

The release date is Saturday, November 21 2020.


This will be awesome news for any World’s First hopefuls who also have 9-5 jobs during the week.

The launch time is set for 10 AM PDT/6 PM GMT on that date.

A little late in the evening for us here in the UK, but, we’ll also have Sunday to try and beat the raid too!


If you are looking to tackle the raid by this date, here’s our guide for to help you tackle the raid as soon as you can!

And check out our guide here if you want to know more about what you will face in the Deep Stone Crypt Raid on Saturday!

Deep Stone Crypt Power Level

The Power Level you’ll need to achieve is 1230.


This is in terms of your gear, nit your level including your artefact.

If you are trying to hit that level, you first need to reach the Soft Cap at 1200, then farm high power gear in activities like Strikes and Crucible!

Check out our guide here on how to reach that power level!

Being above 1230 will mean the gear the drops should be higher for you, but you won’t receive any benefits from being above this level, so don’t worry about grinding too much!


Deep Stone Crypt Rewards

For completing the raid you'll earn elements from the Legacy's Oath Set.

You can see it in your Collection now by navigating to Armour, Endgame then looking at the end of the list.


It looks rad if you ask us, we can't wait to unlock it!

We wish you luck in the Deep Stone Crypt Guardians!