Destiny 2 Beyond Light Pre-load Date And Install Size Revealed By Bungie for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light is just days away, and it'll be a hefty download for PC users as part of Bungie's engine overhauls and content vaulting, that'll mean the entire game needs to be reinstalled.

Thankfully, players can pre-load the game on Steam, but you are going to need to set aside extra space, while we also know how to get the update earlier on PS4 and Xbox One.


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Destiny 2 Beyond Light PC Pre-load Date

You're going to need to set aside 186.2GB on your PC, but don't worry too much.

That figure is made up of 116.5GB of the current game, as well as a 69.7GB update.


Once installed, the total size will shrink as vaulted content is removed from the game.

Players on Steam can begin downloading at 19:00 PST on November 9, with an update appearing in the Steam client download queue.

Bungie has previously noted that the complete reinstallation of the game is due to an engine overhaul which will ensure fixes can be issued more quickly.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light PS4 Pre-load Date

If you're on PlayStation 4, you can pre-download the update by finding Destiny 2 on your console, pressing the "Options" button on your controller, and selecting "Check for Updates".


Bungie notes that despite the game essentially being re-installed, players should not delete the game from their PS4 to speed things up.

Your console will need 171.68GB of space for the update, but the install size will actually only be 70.78GB. It's still big, but it's at least a little smaller.

Of course, when PS5 upgrades arrive, you can expect that file to get a little bigger.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Xbox One Pre-load Date

Once the game goes offline for maintenance (7 PM PST), the expansion will be ready for pre-load on Xbox One.


If you've got automatic updates switched on, you won't need to do anything.

If not, head into "My Games and Apps", and then "Manage", then "Updates" and start the download manually. 

Again, expect the game to grow in size from the 65.7GB file when the next-gen versions arrive.

If you're worried about the amount of content leaving, don't forget that older content will be cycled into the game – including Destiny 1's cosmodrome and all of the missions that were found there all the way back in 2014.


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