Destiny 2 Beyond Light: How To Get No Time To Explain

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light comes out tomorrow at the time of writing.

November 10 already couldn’t come fast enough, but this chance to snag one of Destiny’s best weapons has us very excited!

Here’s our guide on how to snag the No Time to Explain Exotic in Destiny 2!


No Time to Explain - Perks

Apart from filling out your collection, and that the gun looks *Nice* there are plenty of reasons to pick this weapon up!

No Time to Explain comes with two unique perks which make it as devastating as it is.

This Exotic pulse rifle’s first perk will see ammo return to the magazine if you land precision shots or hit stasis affected enemies.

This will let you shoot for way longer than would normally be capable, provided you hit your targets.

Though if you thought this was good, the second perk is where No Time to Explain shines!

By stacking the first perk, you will eventually create a little rift that follows you round like a mini turret.

This ghost-sized hole in space-time fires alternate reality bullets at your target, letting you deal way more damage than before.


Such amazing perks are sure to mix up the meta, so get excited!

Check out the Weapons and Gear trailer above see the gun in action!

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How to Unlock No Time to Explain

Right now there are only two options, and both involve spending real-world cash.

You’ll have to pick up the Digital Deluxe Edition of Destiny 2 Beyond Light, or grabbing the Standard Edition + Season Pass.

Both will drop you back a bit, at $69.99 and $49.99 respectively, but if you’re invested into Destiny 2, No Time to Explain will be crucial in your arsenal.


Following this, we don’t yet know how else you can unlock the weapon.

Given how strong the weapon is, we may see Bungie offer it through Xur, like with the Prometheus Lens years ago, to bring balance to PvP!

Though most likely it will be from Exotic engrams, but we will keep you updated when information arrives.