Destiny 2 Beyond Light: How To Level Quickly And Hit Soft Cap In An Hour

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Sorry folks, this exploit has been patched by Bungie.


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Beyond Light is here, but cheeky Guardians have already found a way to grind their way to the game's "Soft Cap" in an hour or so.

For reference, the "Soft Cap" is currently 1200 Power Level, and can be reached with Rare (blue) or Legendary (purple) gear, so flying through those levels shouldn't take too long in any case, but hitting 1200 within an hour will undoubtedly be key for anyone looking to get into the game's higher tier content as soon as possible.

Here's how.


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Destiny 2 Beyond Light: How To Level Quickly And Hit Soft Cap In An Hour

Essentially, you'll want to farm a specific Lost Sector. These are small areas with a bunch of enemies, and the good news is that this one isn't even part of Beyond Light – so you can level up without needing the expansion.

Just head to the EDZ and drop into the Trostland spawn point before heading to a lost sector called Widow's Walk.


There, you can your fireteam can blow through the enemies and kill the boss.

Doing so awards a Legendary seemingly every time, and it's strangely ten whole Power Levels higher than your current gear will be.

So, kill the boss, grab the loot, leave, and head back in.

Expect Bungie to patch this soon, but for now, it could give you a bit of a boost – especially following server issues at launch.


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