Destiny 2 Beyond Light: All Season Pass Rewards For 'Season Of the Hunt' In Year 4

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light is out now, and whilst some players might be having issues getting into the game, others have been able to jump in.

This means we finally have a look at the entire season pass for the new season, titled, 'Season of the Hunt'.

Once again, there are 100 levels to unlock, but unlike past seasons, Bungie are taking a wholly new approach to content.


From now on, seasonal content will no longer rotate out as the season ends. 

Instead, it will hang around until the end of Year 4. So whilst Season of the Hunt does have an end date (more on that below) the content will still be available for some time.

To make that crystal clear, here's Bungie's official line on the matter: "Starting with Season of the Hunt, most of the Seasonal content and all of the sweet gear will be sticking around for all of year 4. We hope this alleviates some of the FOMO that has been present with past Seasons. Now you can jump back in and experience past Seasons’ story, activities, and loot anytime during year 4."

With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the new Season Pass rewards.

Destiny Beyond Light - Season of the Hunt Reward Highlights

As mentioned, there are 100 levels to the new Season of the Hunt pass. Not every level grants you something ultra fantastic, but below you'll find some of the main highlights.

  • Rank 6: Hunting Grounds Emblem
  • Rank 9: Lawful Neutral Shader
  • Rank 10: Silencing Shot Finisher
  • Rank 18: Stalker’s Entrance Transmat Effect
  • Rank 30: Royal Chase Scout Rifle
  • Rank 35: Duality Exotic Shotgun
  • Rank 40: Horizon Blush Shader
  • Rank 45: Blast Battue Grenade Launcher
  • Rank 50: Digital Cortex Ghost Shell
  • Rank 55: Exotic Cipher
  • Rank 64: Universal Arms Ornament
  • Rank 65: Two Exotic Engrams
  • Rank 67: Universal Legs Ornament
  • Rank 77: Universal Class Item Ornament
  • Rank 78: 1000 Bright Dust
  • Rank 80: 1000 Bright Dust + Ascendant Shard
  • Rank 85: Ascendant Shard
  • Rank 87: Universal Chest Ornament
  • Rank 90: 1400 Bright Dust & Firecrest Exotic Sparrow
  • Rank 95: Little Bird Emote
  • Rank 97: Universal Helmet Ornament
  • Rank 99: Victory Post Exotic Emote
  • Rank 100: Antiquity Ornament for Duality + 2,000 Bright Dust

Destiny Beyond Light - ALL Season of the Hunt Rewards 

If you want the full overview for the new Season of the Hunt rewards, look no further than the below video from Destiny 2 YouTuber, Esoterickk.

The video gives a quick glance at all 100 levels of rewards that are obtainable in Season of the Worthy, however, it's just a quick preview, so don't expect a full blow by blow preview of each individual item.

When Does the Season of the Hunt End?

Based on the in-game information given to us, Season of the Hunt ends in just under 91 days.

That would mean we can expect the season to end on or around February 9, 2021.