Destiny 2 Best Exotic Armour: The Best Armour For Titan, Hunter and Warlock

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Destiny 2 has plenty of exotic armour, but some are highly situational to the point where you may never even need them.

Thankfully, there are some great options for all three classes, and we've rounded up our favourites.

For the best exotic weapons, check out our separate guide.

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Destiny 2 Best Exotic Armour: The Best Armour For Titan, Hunter and Warlock



Kicking things off with my favourite, Dunemarchers are a dream for PvE, and are fun in PvE, too.

Sprinting builds up a charge, and when hitting an enemy while charged, lightning chains between multiple enemies.

It'll also make you faster, too.

One-Eyed Mask

The only downside of One-Eyed Mask is that it's pretty ugly – throwing off your Guardian's vibe.

Still, it highlights enemies that damage you, and killing them triggers a heal and an overshield, until you get damaged from another player, starting the cycle anew.

It's been nerfed but is still a great choice for PvP and high-level PvE content.

Insurmountable Skullfort

If you like to be in the thick of the action, then this exotic is for you.

If you get an Arc melee kill, it gives you melee energy for your ability, as well as boosting your health regeneration.

Like One-Eyed Mask, it helps make your Titan last longer if you lean into aggressive play.


Orpheus Rig

If you're looking to attempt endgame PvE content, then the Orpheus Rig is a great choice.

Paired with a Nightstalker (top-tree preferable), you can regenerate a huge chunk of your super by hitting debuffs on enemies.

Wormhusk Crown

This Hunter helmet turns your class ability (the Hunter dodge) into a great opportunity to counter an enemy attack.

Your dodge will still reload all of your weapons, but it'll also give you some health and a shield bump, too.

It can make it great for retaliating in Gambit when you can't see an invader.

Liar's Handshake

Looking to upset a Titan? This is your best bet.

It makes Arc melee much deadlier, but perhaps most importantly, it buffs them when you take melee damage.

That means that when a Titan punches you and starts winding up a second hit, they'll be blown away by your response.


Phoenix Protocol

Almost the dream exotic for regular raiders, the Phoenix Protocol is a dream for tough content.

Pop your Well of Radiance, and all of your kills and assists will help recharge your super. In fact, if your fireteam is efficient enough, you could end up charging another well immediately afterwards.

Lunafaction Boots

We said Phoenix Protocol was almost the dream exotic for PvE, but Lunafaction Boots have them beat when it comes to boss encounters.


When inside your Well of Radiance, you can boost your reload speed massively, as well as your raid. Paired with high DPS weapons like Xenophage, and you can tear through bosses.

Ophidian Aspect

These gauntlets are ideal for PvP, boosting reload speed and extending melee attack range – which for Warlocks was never an issue in the first place.

It's a great "catch-all" exotic that works for all content and doesn't need to be "triggered".

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