Destiny 2: Are We Ever Getting A SIVA Season?

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Destiny's Season of the Splicer is approaching its zenith now, and attention is beginning to turn to Season 15. I know, I've seen the Google analytics.

Still, the old 'Plague Gang' speculation is picking up again about a potential SIVA-infused season, but I really don't see it happening.

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Destiny 2: Are We Ever Getting A SIVA Season?

If you skipped Destiny 1, you may be wondering what SIVA even is. It's pretty simple, really - it's fancy nanotech that manifests itself in red tendrils.

While it was designed to build, as with many things, it went rogue after being activated by Rasputin and ended up killing off the majority of the Iron Lords. Oops.

In the Rise of Iron expansion, the Fallen tried to harness SIVA, but we put an end to that with a pretty underwhelming boss fight against SIVA-infused Iron Lords, but fans want more from the red tech.

I actually think SIVA makes for an ideal single-season storyline, because it's an obvious threat that doesn't necessarily take away from Savathun's focus in the Witch Queen. It's a chance to potentially revisit the Plaguelands, sure, but I just can't see it happening.

Season of the Chosen and Season of the Splicer have begun building things towards the Witch Queen, and I think Season 15 could be Hive themed so we can learn more about Savathun - a character that had previously been very firmly in the background of Destiny 1 and 2.

I think there's a time and a place for SIVA, maybe in the aftermath of the Witch Queen expansion, but I think we're some way off that.

Still, SIVA has been mentioned in Beyond Light, so what do I know?