Bungie's Next IP Could Be A 'Multiplayer Action Game', According To Job Listing

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Destiny 2 developer and publisher Bungie is working on a new "multiplayer action game currently in incubation", according to fresh job adverts spotted by Destiny News+.

The Washington-based studio is looking for "an incubation sandbox designer".


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Bungie's Next IP Could Be A 'Multiplayer Action Game', According To Job Listing

According to the listing, appicants would ideally be “[experienced in] working on character-focused action games” and “[familiar] with the with the competitive gaming landscape/esports”, suggesting a more PvP focused title than Destiny's mix of PvE and PvP.

“Do you spend your time thinking about how different game mechanics can come together to create amazing teamplay moments?” it reads.


“Are you excited to learn how to make gameplay that strongly cares about player intention, action game feel, and readability?”

We already know that Bungie is working on a new IP that is codenamed "Matter", as well as other projects that are apparently "showing promise".

Matter has previously been said to offer a loot-based experience that's more whimsical in tone than the sci-fi drama of Destiny.

Bungie recently opened a new Amsterdam office and announced plans to expand its existing Bellevue HQ.