Destiny 2 Developer Bungie's Next Game Could Be Free-To-Play

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Destiny 2 developer Bungie's next project could be a free-to-play title if a recent job listing at the studio is to be believed.

An advert for the role of "Senior Marketing Manager" notes that “experience with enterprise-scale live operations, games as a service, MMO, F2P, and mobile" is seen as a "nice-to-have" aspect for the successful candidate.

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Destiny 2 Developer Bungie's Next Game Could Be Free-To-Play

The listing, spotted by The Game Post, is likely pertaining to the multiplayer action game that was revealed as part of another job post back in May.

As we reported, that listing was for applicants “[experienced in] working on character-focused action games” and “[familiar] with the with the competitive gaming landscape/esports”.

Free-to-play multiplayer titles are all the rage these days, between the likes of long-running titles like League of Legends, or recent phenomena such as Call of Duty: Warzone. Whether this could be Matter, Bungie's long-in-development IP, or something new, remains to be seen.

Bungie CEO Pete Parsons said in an interview back in November 2020 that the team has a series of exciting new incubations.

"Actually, ironically, we expected a decently high failure rate from the incubations and what’s happened is, we are pretty excited about the work that’s being done not just on continuing the Destiny universe, but because we’ve been able to build such a deep bench of talent, these incubations are really amazing."

Destiny 2 launched in 2017 as a full-priced title, but the full game (and its year one DLCs) went free-to-play in 2019 with the release of Shadowkeep under the title Destiny 2: New Light.

The game is available to download free on Xbox and PlayStation stores, as well as Steam.