Death’s Door: How to Get a Map

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Death’s Door provides a confusing, tangled world where it’s easy to get lost if you’re not used to it. Consequently, many are wondering: can you get a map of the game world? If so, how do you get a map, and if not, how do you find out where you’re going? We’ll explain everything you need to know in our guide below.

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Can You Get a Map in Death’s Door?

No, at time of writing there is no way to get a proper map for Death’s Door, and it doesn’t look like that is likely to change any time soon. Much of the game is about exploration and discovery, and being lost is a big part of that, so a map might work against that. We’ll be sure to change this page if there’s an update in the future, but for now players will have to make do with just their wits and memory.

How to Get a Map for Death’s Door

For those who are determined to get a map for Death’s Door beyond what’s in the game, we checked online to see if there were any community-made maps, mods for the game, or assets released from the developers that can help those lacking a sense of direction. So far there doesn’t appear to be anything that players can use, but we’ve laid out a basic structure of the game below for those who need a helping hand.

Mausoleum entrance in Death's Door game

How to Get to All Locations in Death’s Door

Not including the Hall of Doors or one-off locations like the Forest in which you fight the Demonic Forest Spirit, the central location on which the is based is the Lost Cemetery. This acts as a central zone from which all the other major paths branch off in different directions. Individual areas can be maze-like, which makes things tricky, but it’s important to always check the walls and follow any paths you haven’t been down. You should also make sure you’re using your spells properly (such as lighting braziers with Fireballs or crossing gaps with the Hookshot).

Otherwise, here’s a general layout of the game. If you assume that North is to the top-right (which the game does), you can find these locations by heading in these directions from the Lost Cemetery:

  • Northwest: Mausoleum, Estate of the Urn Witch, Ceramic Mansion, Urn Witch’s Laboratory, Inner Furnace
  • East: Overgrown Ruins, Mushroom Dungeon, Flooded Fortress
  • Southwest: Stranded Sailor, Castle Lockstone, Village of the Crows, Old Watchtower

If you’re ever uncertain about which path you should be taking, talk to the Grey Crow standing at Death’s Door at the Northernmost peak of the Lost Cemetery. He’ll indicate which of the three main paths you should be pursuing, but won’t give much greater detail than that.

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