Death’s Door: Family Tomb in the Garden of Love Puzzle Solution

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Death’s Door has all manner of puzzles to work through, but one of the hardest is the chessboard jar puzzle for Pothead’s Family Tomb in the Garden of Love, located at the Estate of the Urn Witch. We’ll show you the Family Tomb puzzle solution below, with an explanation of the reward and the answer.

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Family Tomb/Garden of Love Puzzle Solution in Death’s Door

The Family Tomb Puzzle in the Urn Witch’s Garden of Love in Death’s Door can be solved by finding the “Shiny Thing” collectible called the Old Photograph. Though the puzzle is solvable without it, we’ll lay out the full logic of the game below if you want to work it out yourself.

How to Find the Old Photograph “Shiny Thing” Collectible

You can find the Old Photograph by going into the Ceramic Mansion’s East corridor and lighting a brazier with a Fireball spell. This will reveal a ladder to the North - take it up to the rafters above and carefully walk along them to the South to find an enclosed room with the Old Photograph on the floor. Pick it up.

Old Photograph location in Death's Door

From there go into the menu and inspect it manually. Turn it around and you’ll see a grid on the back with a sequence of Roman numerals. This is actually the solution to the Family Tomb puzzle. Head back to the Garden of Love with this new information, or just check below if you don’t want to have to find the photograph.

How to Solve the Family Tomb Puzzle

You don’t need the Old Photograph to solve this puzzle, and we’ve laid it out for you below regardless. Basically, you need to break five of the pots in a very specific order. The photograph explains that order, but we’ve also marked out the solution in the image below. Hit them with your weapon in the sequence marked to open up a new path in the Tomb itself.

Family Tomb puzzle solution in Deaths Door

Family Tomb Rewards

The new path opens up to Pothead’s personal garden, which has two new Green Pots and a Shiny Thing collectible. It also has its own special door which needs to be unlocked for part of the game’s secret ending.

Speaking of which, you can find out all the steps to unlock the secret ending of Death’s Door here, or check out how to beat the Giant Mouth Statue of the Ceramic Mansion!