Death’s Door: All Weapon Locations

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Death’s Door has several weapons for players to hunt down and add to their Crow’s ever-growing arsenal, each one offering distinct advantages and disadvantages in combat. We’ll show players all weapon locations in the game below, as well as the best weapon in Death’s Door as a whole.

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All Weapon Locations in Death’s Door

There are a total of five weapons that you can find in Death’s Door, including the starting Reaper’s Sword. However, all the others are optional weapons hidden with varying degrees of difficulty across the entire game. We’ve laid out all the locations below, and we’ll go into more details about how to find them further on in this guide.

  • Reaper’s Sword: Starting weapon
  • Discarded Umbrella: Hall of Doors/Reaping Commission (Hub Area)
  • Rogue Daggers: Estate of the Urn Witch
  • Thunder Hammer: Mushroom Dungeon
  • Reaper’s Greatsword: Stranded Sailor

How to Get the Discarded Umbrella

Discarded Umbrella location in Death's Door

The Discarded Umbrella is the worst weapon in Death’s Door, and intentionally so. It has the same stats as the starting Reaper’s Sword, but does half the damage. You can find it at the very start of the game in the West section of the Hall of Doors, to the left from the Soul Vault. There’ll be a small island with a bench and lamppost on it, with the Discarded Umbrella leaning against the lamppost.


How to Get the Rogue Daggers

Rogue Daggers location in Death's Door

The Rogue Daggers are a pair of weaker, fast-hitting weapons that play for speed over impact. They’re very easy to find - at the main door to the Ceramic Mansion, simply head East through the gate to see them lying on the ground.

How to Get the Thunder Hammer

The last two weapons are much harder to get. The Thunder Hammer is a Mjolnir knock-off located in the Mushroom Dungeon that does arcing electric damage to nearby foes. We’ve outlined the steps to reach it below.

  • From the Mushroom Dungeon door, head North to the higher bridge, then jump down to the East path.
  • When you reach the room with a Green Pot in the far-left corner, head South again to the next room.
  • In here, light the two fires with a single Fireball to be able to keep going South.
  • Keep going through the crumbling doorway, then immediately take the West ladder.
  • Follow the path Northwest to the ladder and climb it.
  • Climb up the stairs to a ladder in the top corner of the room.
  • You should now be in a room with shelves and light streaming in from the ceiling.
  • Head East back into the Overgrown Ruins, turn North and climb the ladder up the stone wall.
  • Follow the path North and around until you reach a fountain with a lever next to it. Pull the lever and go through the gate that it opened below.
  • Head North into a room with numerous crates. Smash them to reveal a hole, and drop down it.
  • Below you’ll find the Thunder Hammer!
Thunder Hammer location in Death's Door

How to Get the Reaper’s Greatsword

A more powerful version of the Thunder Hammer but with no electric ability, the Greatsword does huge damage but hits slowly along with it. This weapon is at the end of a chain of riddles that you’ll need the Hookshot and Bomb to solve, all contained within the Stranded Sailor region before Castle Lockstone. There are four buttons here that need to be hit, each one with a riddle next to it that hints at where to find the next one. We’ve laid them all out below.

Button/Riddle 1

"Beneath a wooden walkway, a secret waits for thee..."

Greatsword first hidden button in Death's Door

Just behind the Stranded Sailor building is a tiered, wooden staircase. Walk under it rather than on it, and bomb the exposed wall behind it to find the first button and riddle.

Button/Riddle 2

"Behind twin columns, a secret waits for thee..."

Greatsword second hidden button in Death's Door

Climb up the staircase you walked under until you reach the crossroads. Walk South and bomb the wall between two columns with metal markers on top. This’ll reveal a new room with another button and riddle inside.

Button/Riddle 3

"Where a giant face stares, a secret waits for thee..."

Greatsword third hidden button in Death's Door

Head back to that crossroads and go West up the stairs until you find a giant statue’s head on the ground. It’s looking at a stone outpost - bomb the wall it’s looking at.

Button/Riddle 4

"Beneath a gargoyle, a secret waits for thee..."

Greatsword last hidden button in Death's Door

This time head back to the crossroads and go North, up a set of stairs with a barrier of ice at the top. Smash the ice and walk around until you see a gargoyle. Bomb the wall underneath it for the final button.

Greatsword Location

Now that’s finally done, head back to the Stranded Sailor and to the Docks South of the building. Hookshot over the gap and follow it round to a gate. If you’ve hit all the buttons, you should be able to pull the lever on the left side and get the Reaper’s Greatsword.

Reaper's Greatsword Location in Death's Door

Best Weapon in Death’s Door

The best weapon in Death’s Door is hard to choose, but we would gently suggest the Rogue Daggers as the best option. Their fast-hitting nature means that you can have a lot of movement control, making it easy to dodge and avoid attacks from opponents, as well as deflect projectiles and rebuild your magic meter fast.

Otherwise we recommend the Greatsword, which does heavy damage and can fell a lot of opponents in just a couple of attacks. It demands greater caution in combat - you’ll be slower and have to choose your attacks more carefully - but if you get the hang of it, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

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