Is Deathloop Cross-Platform/Cross-Play?

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Deathloop looks like one of Arkane Studios’ most ambitious titles yet, with a really fun premise and one of the most unique multiplayer modes we’ve ever heard of, which is why fans are so eager to play it.

With the multiplayer of Deathloop blending into the single-player experience, fans have been curious about a number of things, like how disruptive players controlling Julianna can be and if there will be cross-play between PS5 and PC players.

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Is Deathloop Cross-Platform/Cross-Play?

Arkane Studios have yet to comment on Deathloop having any form of cross-play or cross-platform multiplayer, which is a bit disappointing, though we somewhat understand.

Since the multiplayer in Deathloop isn’t a crowded affair like Call of Duty or Apex Legends, the need to have any cross-platform functionality is a bit moot, though it would have been a nice feature still.

Though we wouldn’t mind Arkane adding cross-play multiplayer in the future for Deathloop, it seems like that won’t be happening anytime soon.

For some good news, Deathloop is technically a timed PS5 exclusive so there’s a good chance that it will come to Xbox One or Xbox Series X after a year or so.

Since Microsoft has some more experience with cross-play on Xbox and PC, we wouldn’t be surprised if that feature gets added when/if Deathloop comes to Xbox systems.

With all that being said, it’s still not clear if Deathloop will even come to Xbox consoles after the one-year period but we can always hope.

Deathloop is coming to the PS5 and PC this year on September 14.

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