Is Deathloop Coming To Google Stadia?

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Deathloop is looking like one of the most ambitious first-person shooters yet, with Arkane taking everything they learned from the Dishonored games and cranking it up with crazy pills, and the fact that there’s multiplayer is ridiculous in a good way.

While we’re excited to check Deathloop when it comes out, seemingly being the final PlayStation console game Arkane will be working on, there is a certain section of gamers who are hopeful that this crazy shooter will come out on Google Stadia.


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Is Deathloop Coming To Google Stadia?

Unfortunately, Google Stadia members are gonna have to wait for some kind of confirmation on this since neither Arkane nor Bethesda have mentioned Deathloop coming to the system.

It also doesn’t help that the Google Stadia isn’t exactly a must-have system right now, with most of the big games for Stadia already on PS4 and Xbox One.


That doesn’t mean the Google Stadia is going to roll over and die, plus it has fans asking for games like Deathloop so there’s a chance that it will become a bigger deal soon, just not right now.

Currently, Deathloop is only scheduled for a release on PS5 and PC, with seemingly no plans to come out on Google Stadia.

Then again, a lot of relevant games are on Google Stadia but it took a while for that to happen so there’s always a chance of Deathloop arriving sometime next year or earlier, maybe even later if we’re being honest.

Deathloop will be coming out on September 14 for the PS5 and PC.