Deathloop Could Possibly Exist In The Dishonored Universe

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Deathloop is one of the hottest games going right now. Seeing strong critical reception, the gaming community is stoked about what Arkane's offered as it releases today. Now, fan theories are emerging, one of which suggests a connection to the Dishonored universe.

In one of the game scenes (as reported by Gamesradar), Deathloop's protagonist Colt arrives at a destination where our antagonist, Juliana, is waiting. Within this moment, there's a few objects that provide interesting clues to a possible Dishonored connection.

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Deathloop Could Possibly Exist In The Dishonored Universe

That includes a pair of pistols which, according to Juliana, are "vintage" and "completely unique." They bear a striking resemblance to the pistols used in Dishonored's 'Lady Boyle's Last Party' mission.

Another strong implication is how these pistols use oil cartridges - which are rampant in Dishonered due to the oil extracted from whales as their main fuel source. They do not use gunpowder after all.

These clues may confirm a connection between these games, though Bethesda hasn't issued any confirmation whether that's true or not. With Deathloop's release taking place today, more theories will likely emerge. So, follow us for more Deathloop and Dishonored news and updates.