Deathloop's First PC Patch Tells You Why The Game Crashed

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Following reports of Deathloop's performance issues on PC, Arkane's just detailed an incoming patch. Sadly, this doesn't fix the wider performance problems, though it offers a few benefits.

Confirmed by an Arkane community manager on the Deathloop Reddit page, this fix addresses previous errors with Steam achievements not activating, alongside the "descriptive error reporting." That'll advise if your setup doesn't meet the minimum requirements, or whether there's other factors at play.


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Deathloop's First PC Patch Tells You Why The Game Crashed

Outlining further details on the game's Steam page, Arkane advised:

This update also includes more descriptive error messaging for some users experiencing crash issues upon launching the game caused by CPUs that do not meet the minimum requirements, or where extensions necessary to run DEATHLOOP have been disabled by the user or by third party software.

We also continue to investigate reports involving “stuttering” on PC. We are exploring causes and potential fixes and will update you with more information when it becomes available. We appreciate your patience.

Hopefully we'll get more news soon on those performance issues, though if you're curious to learn more about Arkane's latest release, you can always check out our review.