Death Stranding 2: Platforms, Latest News, And Everything We Know So Far

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There's been a lot of buzz surrounding Death Stranding once again. Following its initial launch in 2019, a Director's Cut was announced during Summer Games Fest 2021, coming to PS5 with expanded content. However, that may not be all Kojima Productions has planned.

Having sold five million copies on PC and PS4 already, there's talk that a potential sequel could be in the works, bringing us a new adventure with Sam Porter Bridges. Here's everything we know about what that may include.


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Latest News

Death Stranding 2 Rumoured To Be 'In Negotiations' After Norman Reedus' Statement - August 31, 2021

During roundtable session for The Walking Dead, Sam Porter Bridges' actor, Norman Reedus, stated "I think we’re doing a second Death Stranding. (The game) is in negotiations right now. So, yay!". Read more about it here.



Previously, Death Stranding launched on PS4 and PC, though Director's Cut is arriving on PS5. Given that Sony's moving onto the new console generation, we can't imagine seeing Death Stranding 2 release anywhere but PS5 on consoles.

As for a PC release, Sony's previously confirmed they'll be pushing for further PC launches, so Death Stranding 2 seems a likely candidate. Until the sequel's officially confirmed though, everything here remains entirely speculative.

Release Date

At this time, that remains unclear. If a sequel is to be announced, we'd likely not hear anything until after Sony release Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, never mind a release date. However, we'll keep you informed if anything changes.