Xbox Series X Stock UK: Where to Buy, Latest Updates, and More

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Xbox Series X is a real powerhouse when it comes to gaming, and as expected due to the huge demand, stock has been on the limited side in the UK.

While there are a ton of retailers wh stock the Xbox Series X, it doesn't mean they're easy to get. In fact, getting one recently has proved as challenging as snagging a PS5 for many.

But fear not, as we're on hand with the latest stock updates and news surrounding the console, and we have it all right here.

From the latest rumours, predictions, and announcements, we've got you covered.

Here's what's going down with Xbox Series X stock in the UK, and where you can buy it.

Xbox Series X Stock UK Latest News

UPDATE 4 May: It's finally here...the month of May...the month which has been tipped for big things in the world of restocks, especially for the likes of the PS5.

But what about Xbox Series X? Who can we expect to resupply and when?

Well, one major store has it listed as 'in stock May 2021', which is promising...especially so considering the retailer's track record.

Smyths Toys surprised us all with the accuracy of its product listings when a PS5 disc version and PS5 Digital Edtion were listed in different months.

It would be understandable to assume that this may have been a mistake, but just like it said, the PS5 Digital was released last month.

We'd say if it says to expect the Xbox Series X in May...stay on high alert!

We'll be back with you for more updates soon.

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UPDATE 23 April: At the time of writing Xbox Series S is available at a number of retailers, including Very and Currys.

Check Very

Check Currys

Now, this is great news for those on the hunt for the Xbox Series S, but what does it mean for those looking for Series X?

Well, we've seen Microsoft and Amazon drops fly in yesterday, so we could be in store for something at Very and Currys early next week, as we don't typically see stock drops over the weekend.

We'd advise staying on high alert as always!

UPDATE 22 April: While the US saw Xbox Series X all-access bundles come into stock yesterday, the UK is still left waiting.

Those who managed to catch the drop yesterday morning will have no doubt seen that it was over quick as a flash - likely due to lower stock levels.

But when can we expect more Xbox Series X stock? Some reports are saying around summertime, but take this with a pinch of salt, as any of the UK retailers could surprise us.

Be sure to check back in for all the latest as we get it!

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UPDATE 21 April: Amazon UK dropped Xbox Series X stock this morning around 8 am.

Of course, we were on hand to announce, and it looks like some of our followers were able to grab one.

This time around the stock drop lasted roughly 3 minutes, again, proving that speed is of the essence.

Asides from that things are looking on the quiet side for this month, mirroring the current PS5 situation also.

Keep an eye on @GfinityDealsUK for all the latest.

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Where to Buy Xbox Series X UK

There are a number of retailers worth checking out in the UK if you're after an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

Here are a few major retailers you'll want to keep your eye on.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tried and tested tricks to help you secure your Xbox Series X.


When it comes to getting any next-gen console, the key is to be as fast as possible, and often the best way to do that is via Twitter.

Twitter accounts (like our's) are on hand to share links to live product pages as fast as they can, and are on high alert throughout the day, so you don't have to be.

Turn notifications on, and keep a watch out!

The Wishlist Method

Many people have had some luck with adding the console to their wishlist and going to check out from there.


This has proved effective from what we've seen, so it's well worth giving a shot.


If you want to up your chances, don't head to the standalone console, as everyone will be doing that.

Rather, head to the bundles, of which at places like GAME, there are loads. Sure, you may pick up an extra controller and T-shirt - but it's a small price to pay!

We'll keep you updated with everything going down with Xbox Series X, so be sure to check back in with us soon for the latest.

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