What TVs Can Run In 120 FPS?

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If you're on the market for a new TV, you might want one that can run at 120 FPS for the best gaming experience possible.

When buying a new TV for your PS5 or Xbox Series X, it's tempting to focus on resolution. While a cheap 4K TV can be a great choice, if you want to make the most out of your next-gen console, it's best to get a 120Hz TV for gaming.


However, finding a 'true 120Hz TV' isn't the easiest task...

Various technological tricks can 'boost' a TV's refresh rate up from 60Hz to 120Hz for 120 FPS gameplay, but this isn't 'native 120Hz'.

Luckily, we've got you covered with this selection of TVs that run in native 120Hz, delivering 120 FPS gameplay, and we'll update this list as more come in!

Which TVs can run in 120 FPS?

Here's a selection of TVs that support 120 FPS, so long as you have the hardware to run games at that frame rate.


Is 4K 120Hz TV enough for gaming?

If you manage to pick up a 4K 120Hz TV at a fair price, it will be a suitable device to support your console for many years to come.

Whether you decide if it's worth buying an 8K TV in 2021 or not, it's worth knowing that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X can support 8K, but as no games currently support the resolution...and it is disabled in both consoles.


120Hz displays, however, are suitable for gaming in 2021. A selection of the best PS5 games and the best Xbox games can run at up to 120 FPS, justifying the purchase of a 120Hz TV. In fact, it might even give you an edge in competitive gaming.

If you do go ahead and buy a 4K 120Hz TV, you'll also need an HDMI 2.1 cable to get the best out of your new purchase.

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