What is TimTheTatman's Gaming Setup?

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If you're into the gaming and streaming scene you'll likely have heard of Timthetatman, with over 7 million follows, he's one of the biggest names out there right now.

Now when it comes to streamers setups, there is a lot of information out there, and more often than not it can be a little conflicting, largely to do with the fact that streamers often switch up their setups at a moments notice (we're not jealous, honestly).


That being said, we've done our best to research exactly what gear these top dogs of the gaming world use, based on the information out there today.

While we can't say for absolute sure that they're using these products right this second, these are some items that pop up time and time again when it comes to TintheTatman's setup.

From the awesome LG UltraGear 27GN750-B to the epic Razer Huntsman, let's take a closer look at what we think is one of the ultimate gaming loadouts.

What is TimTheTatman's Gaming Setup?

TimTheTatman's Monitor - LG Electronics UltraGear 27GN750-B

Credit: LG

The LG UltraGear 27GN750-B is a standout choice for many competitive gamers out there thanks to the lightning-fast 240hz refresh rate and 1ms response time it provides.

The 27-inch IPS display is also equipped with NVIDIA G-Sync which works effectively to prevent screen tearing which should provide an overall smoother gaming experience.

Amongst our favourites for competitive gaming monitors, we can see why TimTheTatman could be using this beast.


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TimTheTatman's Headset - HyperX Cloud Alpha S - PC Gaming Heads

Credit: HyperX

When it comes to the best gaming headsets, HyperX is often a name that crops up and the Cloud Alpha S live up to their standards.

The 7.1 surround sound should help to immerse you in the atmosphere of any game and combined with the adjustable bass and dual-chamber drivers, they should sound excellent too.

This headset also features a game and chat balance feature, allowing you to choose what you want to hear, which is an excellent feature to have when gaming with friends.


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TimTheTatman's Keyboard - Razer Huntsman Elite

Credit: Razer

Razer are well-known in the world of gaming, and they certainly know how to deliver the goods when it comes to gaming accessories, the Razer Huntsman Elite is an example of this.

Straight away the standout feature of this keyboard is the striking appearance from the RGB lighting (which we know is essential to any gamers setup) boasting the ability to produce over 16.8 million colours.

The Huntsman Elite also includes an ergonomic wrist rest for those marathon gaming and streaming sessions.


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TimTheTatman's Camera - Panasonic LUMIX G7KS 4K Mirrorless Camera

Credit: Panasonic

While Panasonic is known for producing some of the best TVs to date, they also make some superb cameras, the Lumix G7KS being an example of this.

This camera provides 4K filming which produces roughly four times the amount of pixels than Full HD video which should be fantastic at capturing a finer level of detail.

Sure, this is a little on the pricey side, but for the ultimate streaming setup, we think it could be worth every penny.


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TimTheTatman's Microphone - Audio-Technica Dynamic Microphone (BP40)

Credit: Audio-Technica

High-quality audio can make all the difference when it comes to the best streaming setups out there, and this microphone from Audio-Technica delivers just that.

The BP40 is a unidirectional mic with a frequency response range of 50 - 16,000 Hz, making it strong at reproducing the human voice in a crisp, clear and natural way.

This microphone is also designed to reduce unwanted ambient background noise, making it a solid choice for streaming.


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TimTheTatman's mouse - Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

Credit: Razer

The Razer DeathAdder Elite offers the best of both worlds in terms of speed and accuracy, with 16,000 DPI.

The RGB lighting is also the perfect match to accompany the Hunstman Elite keyboard, again producing over 16.8 million colours.

Offering seven programmable buttons, you be able to adjust this mouse to suit your playing style and give you the edge when it comes to competitive gaming.


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TimTheTatman's mixer - TC-Helicon Vocal Effects Processor (GOXLR)

Credit: GOXLR

Mixers can be exceptional tools when it comes to managing a streams audio output, the TC-Helicon allows you to control volume levels from multiple sources.

It is also equipped with voice effects, allowing you to add reverb, pitch shift and compression to your voice output to further increase the clarity and quality of your speech output.

With four channels, you can control all of your audio streams in real-time, which is extremely useful when streaming.


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