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This Soulion Wireless Gaming Headset has some amazing features, including a wireless design and a 25-hour battery life, perfect for console or PC gamers.

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Let's check out this fantastic gaming headset!

The Soulion Wireless Gaming Headset is 44% OFF!

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Brand: Soulion | Color: Red | Connectivity technology: 2.4 GHz connection | Platforms: PC & Gaming Console | Battery Life: 25 Hour Battery life

The Soulion Wireless gaming headset offers a black color scheme, a wireless design, and an exceptionally long battery life of 25 hours.

It features a detachable microphone ideal for talking with teammates and hearing your enemies from farther away.

The 2.4 GHz connection offers a fantastic range of 50 ft and incredibly low latency, ensuring that this gaming headset is perfect for sitting on the couch or sitting at your gaming setup.

When paired with the 25-hour battery life, the wireless design makes this gaming headset ideal for console or PC gamers.

Bottom Line

This fantastic headset offers not only a black design accented by the red colors on each ear cup, but it also features a wireless design with a 25-hour battery life.

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